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Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Styrofoam packing peanuts were designed to help make sure that you get items from one destination to another in one piece. Whether you are shipping an item, or simply moving from one home to another, choosing to buy Styrofoam packing peanuts is a great way to ensure that your possessions will be safe. If you are moving a lot of items, bulk packing peanuts are usually cheaper than buying small amounts of packaging peanuts. If you own a shipping business, a packing peanut dispenser may save you time and money, because time is money.

The ability to fill empty space in boxes with a packing peanut dispenser efficiently, quickly, and without making a mess is a lifesaver in itself. If you ship many items for a living, using the correct packing peanuts for each job is important. You would want to use antistatic packing peanuts for all electronic devices that may be affected by static electricity.

When all possible it is important to help mother Earth by using biodegradable packing peanuts. With so many people trying to go green, why not send them their packages in the mail with a green packing peanuts. These green packing peanuts are equal friendly and are dissolvable since they are made from cornstarch. When you’re shipping extremely breakable items, you should think about using a softer foam packaging peanuts. Even taking a little extra time, and wrapping the items first with the bubble wrap will ensure the item does not get broken as easily also. Although some packing peanuts, or packaging supplies may be more expensive, and cost you more out of pocket to buy them, using the right packing peanut for the job will actually save you money in the long run.

Having the right packing materials as a person who ships many items is extremely important. Styrofoam Packing peanuts are not the only items that you should use for shipping. Remember, you’ll need packing boxes, a wide variety of foam peanuts and loose fill materials, along with other shipping supplies such as packaging tape, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and of course room to store everything. Never settle for a business is asking price, when you yourself are a business and expect to be buying in bulk. Always ask for a discount, or at the least free shipping when you feel you were buying above and beyond what the average consumer would buy at one time.

Make sure that you charge for your time and packing services. When you see advertised shipping and handling for an item, you are paying for someone’s packing services and time it takes to physically ship out an item. Shipping and handling also is covering the price of your shipping and packaging materials. Do not overcharge, as people will not want to pay for expensive shipping rates. If you are able to buy cheap cardboard boxes, pass those savings on to your customers. They will appreciate it and continue to shop with you and buy items from you.

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Alternative uses for Packing Peanuts

So now that you’ve moved into your new home, and are all settled in, what can you do with all these packing peanuts that you’ll no longer need. Well if you have used a recyclable packing peanut, then by all means take them and donate them to a local mailing center. Many mailing centers will accept your packing peanuts and reuse them. However what if you have bought a plastic packing peanut that is non-recyclable. While there are a few other uses that you can get out of them around your house.

Why not take some of your leftover packing peanuts and spread them at the bottom of a pot, to provide drainage space for your houseplants. Or how about using your used packing peanuts to create a bed or a soft pillow for your dog or cat, by stuffing them into an old pillow case. You can even use your old styrofoam packing peanuts to deodorize a room. Simply put a handful of them and a potpourri jar, spray them with your favorite perfume, danger room will smell awesome. Another idea is to pour them into a plastic bag, and use them in your suitcase when you travel. They will go a long way for helping cushion your breakables while you were on vacation.

Another great use for your old packing peanuts, is to use them for stuffing and furniture. I’m not talking about expensive couches or chairs, but I am referring to may be a bean bag for your children. Using packing peanuts instead of buying the polystrene beads will save you money, and as the packing peanuts break down you can continually add more packing peanuts to refill it as needed.

These are just a few of the many uses that you can get out of your old packing peanuts. It is better to reuse them or recycle them in your own way, then to throw away and have them sit at a landfill for many many years. If you cannot use them for any of the above, then onto them you’ll find somebody who will need them when they’re moving. In the future if you can buy a biodegradable packing peanut, this will solve many of the problems of getting rid of them.

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Why Use a Packing Peanut?

Moving all of your possessions from one home to another can be a very stressful situation. Taking proper care of your items or possessions, and packaging them in a way that ensures that it will not break during the move, is very important. Having the proper packing material plays a big role in keeping your items safe. One of the best packing materials that you can pick up at a local packing supply company such as U-Haul, would be packing peanuts.

Packing peanuts are a loose fill packing, that you usually pour into a box after the box has already been filled with the items you are planning to move. Packing peanuts, are extremely cheap and worth the investment to make sure that your possessions are safe from being banged around, dropped and broken during a move.

Wrapping your items with packing foam, along with the extra help with packing peanuts will ensure a safe transfer of items from your home to your new home. There are a couple different types of packing peanuts available on the market today, that you can either pick up locally or shop for online. These would include plastic packing peanuts, and Styrofoam packaging peanuts.

In a world that has gone green today, it is good to look for a packaging peanuts that is biodegradable. Many packing supply companies carry a biodegradable packing peanut that is non-toxic and reusable. These are a great choice for helping to save our environment. So the next time you’re planning to move, and are looking for a loose fill packing material, make sure to evaluate packing peanuts and their ability to keep your possessions safe from harm during any move.

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